Kiwi Software Solutions

Kiwi Software Solutions, built by Gravit-e, provide a SaaS application for health-care professionals to manage patients throughout their orthopedic assessment process.

Kiwi Software Solutions

Kiwi is a SaaS clinic management system for orthopedic health-care professionals in both Canada and the US. It is a HIPAA compliant application that is designed to streamlining and digitize the pedorthic assessment process.

Gravit-e has been responsible for all development and development on Kiwi. The main SaaS application allows clinicians to visually record detailed biomechanical assessment information, generate detailed patient reports, and automatically followup with patients and referring physicians. Kiwi also manages patient information, scheduling, document management and patient billing, including Medicare.

In addition to the SaaS application, an iOS-based 3D scanning tool was developed for Kiwi. This app enables high quality 3D scans to be taken of a patient’s foot using a compatible laser scanner or the TruthDepth camera. These scans are sent directly to the patient’s file in Kiwi, eliminating the need for traditional foam casts of the foot to be taken.

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