We build software that facilitates the consistency that’s crucial to maintain brand image and work processes in franchising, for both white-label solutions and entire franchise networks across multiple industry verticals.

Custom Franchising Solutions

We have built custom tools which enhance franchise offerings. They provide valuable tools to help franchisees achieve the image they desire as they’re growing, then capitalize on economies of scale (while still operating as small businesses). Here are a few examples of solutions that we’ve delivered.

Inquiry Tracking and Routing Route customer inquiries from a centralized hub out to the appropriate franchisee for the territory. Generate quotes consistently across all franchises.

Custom CRM Maintain a centralized record of every customer of every franchisee, ensuring territory ownership is being upheld and allowing for big-picture business analysis.

Billing and Accounting Standardization Keep control of the financial aspects of your business. Standardize accounting software for all franchisees to ensure consistency in billing, reporting and more.

Head Office Reporting Each franchisee has access to its own data. Head office has access to information across the entire organization, allowing for observation of individual franchises and real-time troubleshooting when needed.

Enforce Defined Workflows Build tools for your franchisees that formalize the unique workflows of your business, ensuring protocols are properly followed at all locations.

Proprietary Applications for Franchisees Enhance the appeal of your franchise offering by providing custom tools that franchisees won’t get in any other setting.

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Other Industries We Serve

Take a look at some other services which may be relevant to your needs.

Financial Services

We build custom and secure invoicing systems for clients across industry verticals. Your sensitive financial data — and that of your customers — is safe with us.


Our user-friendly, secure electronic record-keeping solutions help healthcare providers automate administrative tasks while protecting their patients’ privacy.


We have built tools to help our manufacturing clients save time and money with more efficient systems for everything from quality assurance to time-sheet management and keeping safety records.


As advocates for stewardship, we offer solutions for non-profit organizations that are priced on a sliding scale. Partner with us to elevate your venture to greater heights!

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