For projects that don’t fit into neatly defined boxes, we offer consulting services to help startups and established businesses of all sizes climb over some of their most challenging hurdles.

What is Consulting?

At Gravit-e, we don’t just build software. We also work with clients to improve their existing systems. That process can include our impartial assessment of a new idea or helping to create a roadmap toward a certain goal. We’re also happy to assist or supplement our clients’ existing development teams.

How Can We Help Your Business?

Whether you’re looking for a sounding board or a technical expert who can guide you through details that fall outside your expertise, let us know if you’d like us to lend a hand. Over the last 15 years, we’ve consulted on numerous projects, tailoring our assistance to what’s required for each particular situation. Here are some ways that we can help:

Technical Architecture For new projects, we can help you plan out your optimal technical architecture. We also conduct reviews of the technical architecture of existing environments, offering feedback and suggestions for evolution and/or optimization.

Solution Design We'll listen to your ideas and put together a plan to bring them into reality. Once we understand exactly what you need, we'll design a solution, whether it's leveraging off-the-shelf software, reusing some of your existing technology, or a completely custom solution.

Performance Improvements An application that was perfect yesterday might not check all the boxes tomorrow — or even today. We can conduct an analysis to help identify the slowdowns or scalability issues that come with growth, and offer recommendations for improvement

CTO Services Your business is growing rapidly, but you haven’t quite reached the point where you need to hire a full-time chief technology officer? We can help fill that role and oversee the tech side of your business — whether it’s your staff or our development team that’s doing the work.

Support at All Stages

Whether you’re working with a bare-bones idea or a functioning application with thousands of users, we can offer support through all stages of a project’s life cycle. Over the last 15 years, we’ve been involved with hundreds of projects across more than 20 industries.


In a project’s early stages, we start with a full analysis of your requirements, working with you to pinpoint your desired solution. From there, we’ll outline the technical architecture that your project requires and present a rough budget and timeline. Next, we’ll build detailed wireframes which will offer a graphical representation of your software’s core components and how it will function.

Development and Launch

We’ll work with your team as needed during the development process, whether that means contributing our expertise, providing support or resources, or reviewing work as each stage is completed. When your project is ready to launch, we’ll help get it to market and achieve a successful roll out. We’ll also ensure that your product is functioning properly and look after any unexpected technical issues.

Operations and Scaling

Once your project is out in the world, we can help make sure it continues to deliver for your users. That could mean anything from providing a secure hosting environment and monitoring performance to helping you put new management processes in place or building out your teams. We can also help you manage your project as it grows, and offer technical reviews and assessments which could lead to future improvements.

Let's have a conversation

Whatever stage your project is at, feel free to touch base with us. We’re happy to have a conversation about your objectives and the unique challenges that you might be facing. Our experience stretches across a vast range of industries, with projects of all sizes and at every stage of development. We can help you get a clear view of the best path forward.

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