Application Development

You know what you need, but nothing quite works the way you want it to? That's when custom application development makes sense. If you've been searching in vain for the perfect technology solution to help streamline your business or boost your bottom line, give us a call.

Purpose-Built Custom Software

Tell us your dilemma. Our team of problem solvers will learn what you want to achieve, then draw a roadmap to a solution. We can make your life easier! Over 15 years in business, Gravit-e has developed custom applications for businesses in more than a dozen industries. From internal applications to consumer products, startups to major corporations, we've done it all.

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Advantages of Custom Software Development

Flexible Let your imagination run wild! Custom software is tailored exactly to your needs and can be updated easily down the road, as your needs change.

Adaptable Work the way you want. No need to adjust your business processes to conform to off-the-shelf software.

Fits Your Niche Custom software improves business efficiency, particularly in industries where no standardized software solution exists.

Differentiate Your Business Think outside the box. Custom software can deliver strategic advantages that help your business run better.

The Development Process

Gravit-e has delivered hundreds of successful applications to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Tried and trusted, our development process is fully driven by the requirements of your business. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Discovery and Analysis

Before the work begins, we meet with your team to get a full understanding of your business objectives, challenges and requirements. Then, we work with you to design a solution that best fits your needs.

Wireframes and User Interface Design

To help you visualize how your software will work, we build out detailed wireframes. These outline the core components of the application and provide graphical representations of how your software will function.


Once your requirements have been clearly defined and you have approved our development process, programming begins. We use an agile methodology which allows us to build out your application's functionality in a step-by-step fashion, one iteration at a time. At the end of each iteration, you'll be asked to review the completed work and provide feedback, including any changes you'd like to see.

Quality Assurance Testing

Your application will undergo quality assurance testing throughout the development process. A final, thorough testing phase will also occur before the application is rolled out.

Deployment to Test Environment

We'll work with you to set up an internal hosting environment, where you and your team can conduct hands-on testing of the features and functionality of each iteration in a secure space.

Revisions and Fixes

Any bugs that surface in the test environment will be fixed, then sent back to you for further review. If additional enhancements or changes to the application structure are needed, the project will be rolled back to Step 3 (Development).


Once each iteration has been tested and approved, it will be sent to Production, in preparation for real-world users. Meanwhile, development will begin on the next iteration of the application.

Your Business Needs Drive Our Solutions

Our client portfolio includes companies across a broad range of sectors which includes healthcare, financial services, travel and others. We’ve worked with established businesses, startups and non-profits. Here are some examples:

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Innovative and Pragmatic Solutions

We’re focused on real problem solving and practical execution that will make your company more efficient, your employees more productive and your life easier.

And we only do what we’re good at. If our skillset doesn’t align with your project goals, we’ll let you know and help you find the right fit elsewhere.

Come to us with your business challenge, when standardized software doesn’t do the job. We’ll talk with you about exactly what you need, then build either a complete solution or a custom piece to integrate with existing software.

Let's Work Together

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