Business Process Automation

Gone are the days of double data entry, paper forms and other redundancies. We will build you a custom solution to overcome your bottlenecks and streamline your business processes.

What is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation taps into technology to automate redundant daily tasks. It’s designed to increase service quality, improve service delivery and decrease overhead costs, also helping free up your staff so they can channel their expertise to where it’s needed most.

How We Can Help

If you’re convinced there has to be a better way to attack a tedious workplace process but you’re not sure where to start, give us a call. That’s the perfect place to explore business process automation solutions.

We’ll work with you on a detailed review of your processes. Once we understand how things work now, we’ll lay out your opportunities for improvement and get you on the path to that better way of working.

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Benefits of Automation

Business automation can increase productivity in your everyday processes.

Do Away With Duplication Eliminate manual double data entry on timesheets, financial forms and other documents.

Improve Information Flow Connect disparate systems to communicate more effectively and streamline information flow.

Save Money Reduce existing overhead costs by automating menial or redundant work processes. Set the stage to grow without increasing labour costs.

Reduce Mistakes Automation helps promote correct, consistent data throughout your organization. Less manual data entry means fewer human errors!

Save Time Automatically trigger an action when an event happens. Generate complex reports with a click of a button.

Stay On Top Of Trouble Automation can alert you to abnormalities that crop up within your system, allowing you to pinpoint issues precisely and address them quickly.

The Process

If you’d like to help your staff spend more time on the skilled work that they were hired to do, your company could be in a prime position to introduce business process automation. We can help identify tasks and systems that are sucking up hours and leading to productivity bottlenecks, and offer cost-effective automation solutions.


We’ll take the time to work with you to thoroughly understand and document your current processes.


Our review will pinpoint the aspects of your processes that could be optimized through automation or eliminated altogether.


Depending on your needs, your optimal solution could be anything from a full, custom-built application down to a simple off-the-shelf product.

What can we automate?

If you can imagine an automation solution, we can probably make it happen! We’ll help walk you through the cost-benefit analysis, to determine whether it’s something worth taking on.

Here are a few examples of business processes which are quite easy to automate:

  • eliminating double data entry
  • generating documents
  • billing and payments
  • event-based actions, such as sending a follow-up email after an order has been completed
  • self-service tools for system users

Even if you aren’t sure whether a business process can be automated, feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to hear what you’d like to achieve and share the expertise we’ve gathered while working on other projects.

What does a business process automation solution typically look like?

The situation dictates the solution. That could mean a full-blown custom web application, an add-on tool for an existing application or a middleware application.

What is middleware?

Middleware is a form of software that acts as an intermediary between two independent software applications. This could allow the systems to share data and automatically update each others’ databases, or to allow an event in one application to trigger an action in the other.

For example, middleware could be used to connect a company’s CRM with its accounting software, so that a sales rep automatically receives a notification whenever a client’s invoice is paid.

Does the solution always involve custom software?

Not always! Custom software is great when an off-the-shelf product doesn’t fit the needs of your particular business niche, but there are lots of great tools out there that can automate different processes. When we look to understand your problem or the process you want to automate, we look at all the options. If an off-the-shelf option will work, that’s what we’ll suggest.

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