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SaaS Development

Gravit-e builds scalable, secure and powerful SaaS applications. We'll work with you through the entire life cycle of the application, turning your idea into reality and helping with the next steps after your application has launched.

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are one of the most popular approaches for startups and small businesses that are looking to bring an idea to life, whether it’s for businesses or consumers. Because they live in the cloud, SaaS applications are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, at any time. Rather than purchasing the application outright, SaaS users subscribe to the service.

Gravit-e has helped more than two dozen startups move from their SaaS idea phase through to prototyping, developing their minimum viable product (MVP) and ultimately launching their application. We also provide post-launch support and, in some cases, have supported firms through successful IPOs.

Advantages of SaaS

Deployed in the Cloud Users can access SaaS applications from anywhere with an internet connection. No physical software distribution is required.

Centrally Managed Your application is easy to keep up to date. Users will always have access to the most recent version, with no manual updates required.

Flexible SaaS applications can be built for any device or platform, depending on your needs. They can easily be integrated with other third-party applications to add functionality such as e-commerce or database management.

Delivered via Subscription Your business receives a steady stream of subscription revenue from your user base.

Our SaaS Expertise

Gravit-e has built SaaS products for many startups and helped established businesses migrate their operations to the cloud. With more than 15 years of experience developing products and working with the internal operations of startups and businesses across many industries, we're SaaS experts. We have built and helped launch internal and commercial SaaS products for firms that have been successfully taken to IPO after their applications went to market.

Hosting We can host your SaaS application completely or, if you prefer, provide support while your application is hosted with your own provider.

Maintenance We’ll update and maintain your SaaS application for as long as you need us.

Scalability Our flexible development process allows you to start small and keep your costs down, then grow your SaaS application as you gain traction.

Security We’re experts at securely housing sensitive proprietary data.

Technologies we utilize with SaaS

Ready To Innovate? Have A Startup Idea?

Whether you’re an existing business or you’re just getting started, let us help you bring your idea to life! Here are a couple of steps you should take on your own before your initial consultation with us.

Gather Information

Closely analyze your future competitors and think about what will make your product unique. Look for potential white-label solutions which could help you get started quickly and keep your costs down. Think about collaborators you’d like to bring on board.

Put Your Thoughts on Paper

One page of bullet-point notes can help give you clarity about your project, and make sure everyone's ideas are aligned. It's often more difficult to remove features from your first version than to imagine everything you'd love to see in your dream application. Start simple. Think seriously about what your minimum viable product (MVP) might look like. You can always build it out later.

Now that you have a distinct starting point, we can help you bring your application to life.

Initial Consultation

At this stage, you’re ready to discuss your project in detail. We’ll schedule a consultation to listen to your vision and offer some early feedback. After the meeting, we’ll generally provide a list of additional points for you to consider. If your idea is well fleshed out, we may be able to present a general budget framework.

Planning and Technical Analysis

If everyone’s on the same page and you decide to go ahead, now your engagement begins with us for real. We’ll help guide you through the project’s due diligence so you can make informed decisions about the scope of your application and the budget that will be required.

Wireframes and User Interface

We’ll create interactive wireframe mockups to help you fully visualize how your application will look, what it will do and how it will work. This ensures everybody is on the same page, and acts as a loose blueprint for the implementation phase.


This is where your project comes to life! We use an agile development methodology, working in a series of iterations to develop and roll out your application's functionality, piece by piece. When each development cycle is fully completed, you will be able to review the completed work, provide feedback, and make any desired change requests.

Let's Work Together

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