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Application Maintenance

Once your application is built, we’re happy to provide support and maintenance throughout its lifespan. If you’re looking to maintain an application built by another company, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help.

Continuing Support for Greater Success

Regular maintenance is important to help ensure that an application continues to operate properly and optimally. Maintenance programs can be adjusted as your business requirements change.

How We Can Help

Whether your application requires minimal maintenance or a good deal of ongoing support, we’re committed to providing timely, reliable and flexible solutions over the short or long term, scalable as business and market conditions change.

We offer formal developer and support packages for clients who need them, on retainer or on demand. Basic maintenance ensures that your application remains compatible with any new server, browser or operating system updates. We can also manage your backups, monitor error logs and flag any suspicious activity.

I am so pleased with our monthly plan with Gravit-e. It has helped keep us on track with maintaining and updating our website regularly. I’m loving this process!
– Jill Sturm, Executive Director, Tax-Aid

Flexible Options

Whether you prefer on-demand maintenance as required, or a formal retainer of anywhere from 4 to 64 hours per month, we’ll build a maintenance plan that fits your needs!

Maintenance Retainers

Enjoy a lower hourly rate when you sign on for a monthly maintenance retainer to cover regular ongoing support and/or steady incremental changes to your application.

On Demand

We offer general support and maintenance activities on demand, subject to standard hourly and rush rates.

What Our Maintenance Looks Like

Our maintenance packages are tailored to each client’s individual needs. We can work independently or collaborate with your in-house team, adapting our processes to your workflows and preferred tools. In general, application maintenance can be divided into two parts. First, there are proactive tasks such as performance and security issues, error monitoring and ensuring compatibility with server updates. Second, there are client-driven tasks such as implementing new features, running custom reports and responding to support requests.

Manage tasks with your favourite tools

How does Gravit-e manage support and change requests?

However you like! We pride ourselves on our flexibility.

If you have workflow and project management tools in place, we’ll work with those. If you don’t, we’ll assign a project management tool that suits the scope of your maintenance work. Typically, we use Jira for larger maintenance plans, particularly ones that include significant ongoing application development. Freshdesk is our preferred tool for smaller maintenance plans, especially when our primary role is to offer support.

Which maintenance package is right for me?

Retainer options work best for applications which require a fairly consistent amount of month-to-month support.

If your application requires more maintenance from time to time, you can save money by locking in a base-level monthly retainer, at a discounted rate, then covering the work spikes with on-demand maintenance.

If your maintenance needs are minimal and/or infrequent, on-demand support by the hour could be best for you.

How much maintenance do I need?

That’s up to you. Or, more precisely, up to your application.

A few hours a year might be enough for a small application that is not currently being developed and doesn’t need end-user support. But a complex application which is continually being upgraded to include new features and capabilities will require significantly more maintenance time.

The main variables that determine maintenance requirements are the size and complexity of the application, the amount of ongoing development, and whether you’re looking for us to provide end-user support.

Can you provide maintenance and support for my existing custom application?

Most likely!

Taking over the maintenance of an application we didn’t help develop is sometimes quite straightforward. It can get more challenging if there’s little or no documentation available, if the original developer is not available to help facilitate the transition, or for other reasons.

But as long as an application is built in one of the languages that we work in, we can almost always help. Reach out and let us take a look, and we’ll put together a plan of attack.

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