APIs and System Integrations

Improve the efficiency of your business by using custom-built system integrations to seamlessly share data between your applications and the various systems and applications that you use. We’ll help you identify what can be integrated, then build the software to make it work.

What are System Integrations?

A systems integration is a connection between two independent applications which allows them to communicate with each other through an API, or Application Programming Interface. There are many practical uses for APIs. Common examples include pushing data through to an application after it has been entered elsewhere or setting up an event to trigger when an action is taken in a different application.

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Ways to use system integrations/APIs

Custom API Development We can build an API which allows a back-end service provider to connect invisibly and securely to your system, pulling your data as needed without any complex processes.

API Integration Services APIs can be used to integrate with third-party systems or with other parts of your internal systems. They can help centralize your data management. APIs can also offer easy ways to push data from your custom software to your existing systems, without needing to restructure your workflow.

Back-end Development Services Have the front-end covered but need a world-class team to handle the back end? We can build out flexible, scalable back-end APIs which can be used with your front-end team’s choice of mobile or web frameworks.

Types of Integrations

All across your business, system integrations can transfer data and information seamlessly, saving you time and eliminating redundancies. Here are some examples of system integrations that Gravit-e can deliver, to help your operation perform more efficiently.

CRM By pushing customers to your CRM through an integration, you can build out your database of contacts and client behaviours without the inefficiency of duplicate data entry.

Accounting Simplify your accounting process by generating invoices in your custom software, then seamlessly sharing that data to your existing accounting software, like Sage or QuickBooks.

Communications Your application can be integrated with a communication system, allowing you to automatically send targeted SMS messages or emails based on certain criteria or business rules.

Point of Sale Automate the reports from your point-of-sale data through a system integration by pulling the data into your custom software.

Marketing We can build system integrations between your application and third-party marketing tools to help your marketing team send targeted promotions and emails to clients.

Open Banking and Payments An open banking API allows your financial institution to communicate with that of your customer, so they can pay you directly from their bank’s mobile app or website.

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