Hosting and DevOps

No matter if your application is small or large, we’ll host it reliably and securely. Whether you require inexpensive turnkey hosting, dedicated service and support or a collaborator to work with your in-house team, we’ll take care of your app for as long as you need.

Hosting Designed for Applications

Your application is important and your business relies on it. Our hosting packages offer worry-free management that’s safe and secure, runs with virtually no downtime, and includes support to ensure that your data will never be lost.

Our application hosting is built on top of two of the industry’s best-known and most reliable cloud computing services, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, with the flexibility to be customized precisely to your needs. No matter the size of your application or your user base, we have a hosting solution that will work for you.

Small App Hosting

If your application isn’t overly resource heavy, small application hosting can cost effectively deliver the same high availability, security and peace of mind that you’d expect from more expensive hosting solutions.

Key Features

  • Suitable for internal business or small public-facing applications
  • Hybrid shared hosting infrastructure
  • Easy to scale up to fully managed hosting as your business grows

Fully Managed Hosting

If your application is large enough to justify dedicated server resources, fully managed hosting offers a turnkey solution. 

Key Features

  • All server resources are provided and managed by Gravit-e
  • Deployed through AWS and Azure
  • Easily transition from small application hosting as your business grows

DevOps and Cloud

Flexible managed cloud, DevOps and systems administration support for SaaS companies or clients with their own hosting infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Server resources are owned by the client
  • Gravit-e staff will work hand-in-hand with your in-house team
  • Choose from project-based or ongoing support

Hosting Packages

All of Gravit-e’s hosting packages include the following:

99.99% availability Less than one hour of unplanned downtime per year, guaranteed.

Mirrored database servers Mirroring protects against data loss due to server failure.

Server and error monitoring Extensive monitoring systems send immediate alerts about potential issues

Staging and production environments A dedicated testing environment allows thorough testing of applications before they are deployed.

Fully managed backups Comprehensive backups and archives ensure your data is safe and intact.

Canadian data residency All data and servers are domiciled in Canada.

Why should I host my application with Gravit-e?

This isn’t generic web hosting. Our solutions are designed specifically for businesses and SaaS applications. No matter which option you choose, all our service includes mirrored database servers, fully managed backups, performance-tuned environments, application firewalls and Transport Layer Security (TLS), the most up-to-date security protocol on the web.

If you have a small application, you get all the benefits and reliability of a multi-server environment, without paying for more resources than you need.

If your application is larger or more complex, we can collaborate with your in-house team, or look after everything for you. Whatever works best!

What languages and platforms do you provide hosting for?

Our Small Application Hosting service provides Linux-based hosting for PHP applications with a MySQL database. Other tech stacks including .NET and Node.js are available through our Fully Managed or DevOps and Cloud Hosting services.

Which hosting package is right for me?

No matter which option you choose, it’s easy to move from one service to another as your business scales and grows.

Small Application Hosting: best for very small SaaS applications or internal business applications with less than 100 users.

Fully Managed Hosting: best for SaaS applications that are experiencing growth or larger internal applications.

DevOps and Cloud Hosting: ideal for large-scale applications or clients with their own infrastructure and/or in-house I.T. team.

Do you provide cPanel or a similar control panel?

No. We do not use cPanel or any similar interfaces for server administration.

Access is tightly controlled in our Small Application Hosting and Fully Managed Hosting environments, so we do not provide cPanel, SFTP, or any other direct access to our Small Application Hosting environment.

For dedicated servers that are managed by Gravit-e, we can arrange server access; however, we do not use cPanel or any other control panels for server administration.

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