Gravit-e worked with Advertaze to develop a MVP application which allows businesses to create hyper-targeted B2B advertising within LinkedIn.


Advertaze is a marketing technology company which helps B2B brands execute hyper-targeted, personalized ad campaigns within LinkedIn.

When they first approached Gravit-e, Advertaze had devised a novel strategy for creating hyper-targeted ad campaigns on LinkedIn which resulted in up to 10x higher click through rates for as little as 50% of the normal cost per click. Unfortunately, while extremely effective these campaigns were labour intensive to create and manage using LinkedIn’s standard campaign management tools. After gaining an understanding of the challenges, Gravit-e first worked with Advertaze to develop a series of custom APIs and an internal React-based application they could use to more efficiently manage campaigns on behalf of their clients. Following this, the same custom APIs were used to support the development of a SaaS application to allow clients to create and manage their own campaigns using Advertaze’s targeting approach.

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