BorderBuddy Customs Brokers

Automation of cross-border duty payments for Shopify-based merchants, and custom middleware to integrate ERP, logistics and accounting systems.

BorderBuddy Customs Brokers

BorderBuddy is a customs broker that specializes in importing and exporting products to North America for both small businesses and consumers. Their mission is to simplify the customs process, and make it as stress-free as possible for the average person.

Gravit-e has worked on a number of projects with BorderBuddy. The first of these was development of a custom middleware application which was designed to integrate the duty calculator and quoting tool which is available on the BorderBuddy website with their logistics management and accounting systems. The middleware allows data to flow between their systems in real time, ensuring up-to-date information is available to all relevant parties and that the customs clearance process proceeds quickly and without delay. It also integrates with a number of payment providers including Stripe and PayPal.

More recently, Gravit-e has been working with BorderBuddy to develop the Canada Customs Duty App in the Shopify App Store. Starting from a prototype that had been created by another developer, we did the work necessary to take this application from proof-of-concept to production-ready. When installed on a merchant site, this app allow customers to prepay the applicable duty when placing cross-border orders, ensuring there are no extra charges when they receive their goods. All customs paperwork requirements are automatically submitted to BorderBuddy for preparation, and the merchant automatically receives a DDP (Duty Delivered Paid) shipping label and a customs commercial invoice to attach to the order’s packaging.

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