We build and integrate software for franchises to ensure your systems are secure and scalable.

Customized franchise software can form a critical component of your unique selling proposition. Our comprehensive franchise software solutions are easily deployed, simple to learn how to use, and complete in meeting the startup and operational needs of each franchisee.

Advantages of Custom Software For Franchises:

  • Acts as intellectual property
  • Increased consistency across franchises
  • Maintain a birdseye view of all franchise operations
  • Capture relevant data and gain important insights
  • Contributes to overall success of franchise by ensuring all employees and locations are using up-to-date, efficient software
  • Makes it easier for your franchisees to implement your business practices
  • Reduces overhead through automation

Common features of franchise management software include:

Distribute training materials, procedure updates, and campaign news to all franchise locations simultaneously.

Royalty Management:
You can automate functions such as calculating royalties due from franchisees and generating invoices.

Franchisees can set schedules for all departments, staff, and activities from employee schedules to supply truck drop offs.

Field Audits:
Improve franchise performance through simple auditing software. Create, manage, schedule, and analyze your audits online.

Franchise Engagement:
Having an online environment where franchisees are able to share experiences and provide feedback can improve the performance of your franchise organization as a whole.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
By having your franchisees using a customized CRM platform you ensure that you have access to all customer contact information, making it easy to maintain a client base should your franchisee choose to venture out on their own or sell.

Simplify and track the way your franchisees place supply orders.

We can integrate multiple applications and ensure that any custom tools we've built work in conjunction with the software you already use.

Franchise management software makes it simple to create and distribute reports to franchisees and obtain valuable information and feedback.


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