Gravit-e Technologies developed the Nidus Registry, a tool designed to help people create and store the personal planning documents that they’ll need should they become incapacitated.


Nidus is a non-profit, charitable organization and was founded by citizens and community groups who were involved in the community-based reform of British Columbia’s adult guardianship legislation. They provide education, support, and assistance to British Columbians who are looking to plan for the event of mental incapacity due to illness, injury, or disability.

Gravit-e was hired to develop the Nidus Personal Planning Registry. Created in response to new legislation in British Columbia intended to help make legal personal planning documents more accessible and widespread, the Nidus Registry allows individuals to submit information on representation agreements, enduring power of attorney, advance directives and other types of documents. Authorized institutions such as hospitals and attorneys are able to perform searches to determine whether an individual has one of these documents, and where the legal copies of those documents are being stored. This ensures this important information lands in the right hands when it is needed. The Nidus Registry also allows individuals to create a “personal information record” which can be shared with their family or other trusted parties. The personal information record acts as an inventory of important information should they be incapacitated, for example health conditions, allergies, and name of physician.

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