Industry-Specific Knowledge

Years of experience building custom software for over 150 clients have given rise to a series of specialized skill sets. We have identified commonalities among the software needs of many industries and business types, granting us unique insights and the ability to build software more efficiently and cost-effectively. In particular, this has enabled us to offer solutions in the areas of business process automation, franchise and medical software, and custom ecommerce websites.

Our code libraries act as the building blocks for each project, allowing us to focus on each project's unique requirements

Over the years, we have developed a series of code libraries that form the foundation for each of our custom software development projects. These code libraries enable us to develop software faster and cost-effectively for our clients. This approach gives us more time to focus on the customization element of our projects, ensuring the end-product is tailored to the unique needs of each business.

Code Libraries

Gravit-e File Cabinet

Easily organize your documents online

Make your office paperless

Flexible security and access model

Gravit-e Core

Pre-built modules that act as the foundation for every web application

Facilitates quick, affordable application development

Lowers costs by reducing development time

Gravit-e CMS

Manage your content the way you'd like to

User friendly, no advanced coding knowledge needed

Wide range of possible applications

Take control of the way work flows through your organization.

On-line Document Management System

Gravit-e File Cabinet is a document management system that is customized to your business requirements and individual workflows.

File Cabinet provides a secure, flexible document storage system that can be integrated with other systems and applications. It is a database-driven tool which provides capabilities to securely post, search and access files in any size and format.

Automate Operations. Improve Workflow

File Cabinet makes it easy for teams to securely share, store and reformat documents.

Solution Features:

  • Store and track any file
  • Maintain a history of revisions to track how files change overtime and ensure information is never lost
  • Comprehensive access to controls
  • Able to integrate with other custom and commercial software
  • No limits on file size

The architecture behind every web application

At the centre of our development projects is Gravit-e Core, which consists of pre-built modules that act as the foundation for every web application.

Solution Features:

  • Reporting: Our reporting infrastructure allows us to deliver visually attractive, high-quality custom charts and diagrams.
  • Security: Features a customizable permissions-based authorization designed to allow users to maintain complete authority on who can have access.
  • Data Access: Designed to rapidly build database applications.
  • Job Scheduling: Create tasks that run at specific times or a recurring basis.
  • Caching: High-performance caching to maintain peak performance.
  • Messaging: Easily incorporate user-to-user messaging into any of our applications.
  • Staff Scheduling: Manage and organize employee shifts and scheduling online.
  • Layered Architecture: Allows for a flexible development process. Instead of keeping each web application separate, Gravit-e Core keeps all code used by modern applications and software configuration items (CIs) stored and protected together.

Easily manage, update and operate content in our web applications.

Custom Content Management Systems

After we’ve built your website, you may want to make changes to the content and update it from time to time. If you have to use web designers and consult an IT department every time you’d like to make changes it can become very costly to do simple updates. Gravit-e CMS is used to build in tools to give you control over your content in a simple, straightforward manner.

Solution Features:

  • Build Your Own Website: With our CMS you can easily add or delete pages, upload brochures, create content, build links, add images, and control the website layout, regardless of your skill level.
  • Update Constantly: Our CMS makes it very easy to update your website on a regular basis.
  • E-commerce Compatibility: We can easily integrate your CMS with a multitude of ecommerce features to fulfill all of your on-line sales needs.
  • File Manager: Our CMS can be integrated with document management software in order to allow your business to keep all of your web content on your CMS or a database to be run through your website.
  • Improve Employee Access: By having your content in the cloud, employees will easily be able to access important information.


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