Choosing the wrong hosting company can have serious consequences, including significant financial losses and decreased search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

That’s why we’re proud to provide secure and reliable hosting to our clients. What sets us apart from many other hosting companies is that we don’t oversell capacity, meaning our servers are never maxed out. Our support team is committed to making your software experience as stress-free as possible by supplying a high-performance, secure network.

Gravit-e’s customer service team is always available to provide rapid responses to any questions or problems you may have. We guarantee quality monitoring of all your critical services and servers 24/7.

Gravit-e's Hosting Features

Guaranteed Uptime: 99.99% uptime is guaranteed with all of our hosting plans
Security: We provide round-the-clock monitoring and on-site security personnel.
Backups: All client data is automatically backed up daily, meaning you never have to worry about losing data.
E-mail: We supply highly reliable IMAP email hosting for businesses. We also provide optional groupware capabilities to those looking for a lightweight exchange alternative.
Spam Protection: We use MailFoundry to ensure the best anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
Domain Management: We ensure your domains are always functioning and don't expire.

Hosting Packages

Self Managed

Designed for app hosting

Fully managed

High availability

Cloud-based architecture


Basic web hosting

Fast, reliable connectivity

Personalized support

Shared app infrastructure


Complex systems integration

Special-purpose servers

Custom configurations

Multiple dispatcher connectivity

While you devote your time to your business, let us worry about everything else; from server maintenance to uptime, data backup and security. We ensure that your content and databases are always protected through our firewalls, as well as e-mail and anti-spam protection.

If you decide to take advantage of our self-managed hosting options you will receive top-of-the-line personalized web application support. We go above and beyond by ensuring that all of your data and applications are always consistently maintained, managed, and operating at smooth, secured, and systematic levels.

*Note: Our self-managed hosting packages are typically offered in conjunction with our design partners, or to existing clients who wish to have self-managed websites in conjunction with our fully managed hosting packages.

Our core application hosting package offers Vancouver businesses in the Vancouver area a dependable and cost-effective alternative to building and managing their own hosting.

Our hosting uses a multi-tiered cloud-based architecture and features:

  • High-level security
  • Reserved server resources
  • System upgrades
  • Drive expansion
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Zero downtime

If you need a hosting package that is configured to meet all of your specific, complex needs, you've come to the right place.

Our custom hosting configurations package utilizes a hybrid approach, which is a combination of both dedicated and shared servers. This is highly cost-effective as it means you will have to pay for dedicated servers only when necessary.


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