Headquartered in downtown Vancouver and privately owned, Gravit-e Technologies specializes in custom software and web application development.

Since our inception in 2005, Gravit-e has worked with nearly 150 clients, ranging from small start-ups, to non-profits, to large organizations such as the City of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University and Sutton Realty.

At its core, Gravit-e is comprised of a small, highly experienced team of senior developers. We are strong believers in focusing exclusively on what we do best: building custom software. We also recognize that truly successful projects require more than a superior development team. To this end, many of our projects involve collaboration with one or more trusted partner organizations, each of whom bring their skills to bear on their specific areas of expertise. This approach gives us unparalleled flexibility in assembling the ideal team for each and every project we take on, while still acting as a single, unified team.

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Our Team

Nick Oostveen

Nick is the founder and president of Gravit-e Technologies. Before starting Gravit-e, Nick spent over 10 years gaining experience in the web application development industry by working with small and mid-sized businesses, and the government. These days, Nick's focus is on creating unique software-based solutions to help emerging companies grow and operate more efficiently. Nick graduated from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor of communication and computer science. In his free time, Nick enjoys mountain sports like snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing, which is probably why he lives on a mountain with his wife, Karen, and their dog, Mico.

Lee Miller

Lee is a software architect and co-founder of Gravit-e Technologies. He oversees the development and integration of client systems and internal tools, while also providing technical leadership for the rest of the team. Lee was born and raised in Vancouver BC, but now resides in Fredericton New Brunswick with his wife and children. Lee graduated from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia with a BSc, double majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He is also a certified SEI Software Architecture Professional. Lee enjoys golfing, reading, and spending time with his family.

Glen Fuller

Glen, who joined the company full-time in the summer of 2007, is one of Gravit-e Technologies' programmer analysts. Glen was born in Halifax, N.S., but grew up in the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Over twenty years ago, he married the love of his life, Penny, who is a neonatal intensive care nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The two have one beautiful daughter, Megan. Glen obtained a bachelor of science in marine biology from the University of British Columbia, but soon realized he was more interested in the computing and technology sector. When he is not working, Glen enjoys reading, photography and his computer.

Tyler Thiessen

Tyler is the system administrator at Gravit-e Technologies, with over 12 years of Linux experience under his belt. Tyler was born in British Columbia and received his education from Burnaby Technical College. As a child, one of Tyler's favourite pastimes was tearing a computer apart. What started as a hobby, soon became a full-time job, because he realized "if you can't control a computer, one day it will be controlling you." Besides his passion for computers, Tyler is also into motorcyles and Aikido (a Japanese martial art), which inspired him to move to Japan for six months.

Jessica Bailey

Jessica is a web application developer at Gravit-e Technologies. She attended the University of Victoria where she obtained a Bachelor of Computer Science. As someone who loves variety and diversity in all aspects of her life, Jessica enjoys taking on new projects and rising to meet the unique challenges of each client.

Yvonne Teng

Yvonne is a web interface developer at Gravit-e Technologies. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science and she takes care of all things UI related. Yvonne has always loved designing, drawing and making creative things. Recently though, her life is mostly filled with her adorable red toy poodle Waffle, and becoming a competitive Call of Duty player.

Kat McClure

Kat is a Front End Developer at Gravit-e Technologies. She studied Web Development and Interactive Design at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts after spending several years working in design and branding. Kat enjoys a challenge and is fascinated with figuring out how things work. When she’s not talking to computers you are likely to find her playing with her dog, Poncho, or trying out a new vegan recipe. After spending several years in downtown Vancouver, Kat is now living on Vancouver Island.

Klaudine Esperat

Klaudine is a new face to Gravit-e and is Nick’s right hand in marketing, business development, and streamlining office processes. At 5’0 she is a powerhouse of energy that enjoys dancing, singing, and stand-up comedy. She is a self-made woman with a strong advocacy for self-development, always seeking new opportunities which has earned her a diverse background of business experience.

Curtis Moody

While completing his Bachelor of Arts in English, he minored in Computer Science and discovered a field he was passionate about. Never the one to leave something unfinished, he completed his degree and moved from Alberta to Vancouver to pursue Computer Science through the BCS Second Degree Program at the University of British Columbia. He loves hiking, enjoys gaming, and likes to occupy some of his time building cool in-home projects. He is happily married to his amazing wife Monica whom he met while counselling at a summer camp. He likes to keep things light-hearted and he makes the best travel companion because he only likes the middle seat.

Colin Lum

Colin is a full stack developer at Gravit-e Technologies, and is a graduate from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor in Computer Science. He grew up in North Vancouver, and when he's not plugged into a computer, Colin likes to disconnect from technology and get lost in the woods. He enjoys trying new foods and new experiences, and is not a big fan of writing bios.

Tyrel Craig

Tyrel is a QA tester at Gravit-e Technologies. He attended the University of British Columbia where he spent too much time attaining a BA in Economics, followed not long after by a BSc in Computer Science. Constantly trying to defy stereotypes, much of his free time is spent in the gym. When he isn’t trying to break himself or our software, he can usually be found hiking, woodworking, or reading.

Regina Lai

Regina is a full stack developer at Gravit-e Technologies. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry as well as a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree through the BCS Second Degree Program at the University of British Columbia. Regina enjoys drawing realism art, gardening (things to eat only of course), hiking, ultimate frisbee, and video games.


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