Web Application Development

The Architecture Behind Every Web Application

At the centre of every development project lies Gravit-e Core, which consists of a set of pre-built modules which act as the foundation for every web application. This approach means that there is no need to waste time on building the groundwork for each project.

Flexible Web Application Development

Our layered architecture allows for a flexible development process. Instead of keeping each web application separate, Core keeps all code used by modern applications and software configuration items (CIs) stored and protected together.

Gravit-e's core software library architecture

By having the basic architecture of each web application pre-made, we can spend more time building in the desired functions, which lowers development costs, as a web application can be made in less time. 

In addition to a having a rapid development cycle, Gravit-e Core incorporates the best of open source, commercial and proprietary software. Our collection of web applications are also continually enhanced through ongoing research and development activities. Gravit-e Core is something we've invested thousands of hours of R&D into over the years, and which gives us enormous efficiencies in developing a web applications. 

Discover How We Have Used Custom Web Applications To Help Businesses

Request a set of case studies to see how Gravit-e Core has been used to benefit businesses throughout Vancouver. 

Web Application Case Studies

You can also contact us directly with any questions you might have on how web applications could help you business, and we will get back to you with some ideas.