Gravit-e CMS: Product Features

Thanks to its high degree of customizability, our CMS can be designed to contain a multitude of aspects. Below are just some of the possible features:

  • Build Your Own Website: With our CMS, you can easily add/delete pages, upload company brochures, create content, build links, keep a large image bank, and control the layout of the website within the CMS. All of this can be easily achieve without having to involve a web designer and team of IT personnel to update and code each page.  
  • Update Constantly: Since our CMS allows your business to control the content of your website with greater ease, it also means you can update your website constantly. This is facilitated through the build controls within the CMS. Your site can be previewed in a staging area to ensure the content is correct, and then it can made live; all by using two buttons within the CMS.  
  • E-commerce Compatibility: We can easily integrate your CMS with a multitude of e-commerce features, whether it be a shopping cart feature, or more behind the scenes approach, our CMS can be designed to fulfill all of your online sales needs.  
  • File Manager: Our CMS can be integrated with a document management software, in order to allow your business to keep all of you web content on your CMS. This could also be expanded to include other documents relevant to your business, such as allowing databases to be run from your website.
  • Improve access for your business: Since our CMS allows your business to move a lot of content online, it can improve employee access to important information. Instead of looking for documents on servers or on paper, the website could serve as a online storage device as well as regular website, allowing employees to access information without having to be in the office.

These are just some of the potential features that can be built into a Gravit-e's CMS. Since we offer a highly customizable product, contact us and we can discuss the scope of features a CMS will need to be beneficial to your business. For more detail on how Gravit-e's CMS can help your business request a set of case studies, which will explain in greater detail how our CMS has been implemented and benefited business.