Frequently Asked Questions - CMS

Do I Need To Know HTML Or Other Programming Language?
No, Gravit-e CMS comes with all the necessary tools to create professionally looking sites without any HTML knowledge.  

How Much Programmer Involvement Is Needed?
As a software developer in Vancouver, we are able to work directly with your buisness till our CMS has been integrated into your website. After which there will be no need for any programmer involvment. 

How Long Does It Take To Integrate / Build?
It greatly depends on the scale of the project. From past experience, we have worked on projects ranging from a weeks turn around to a couple of months. For an exact time frame it would be best to contact us. 

What Makes Gravit-e CMS Unique?
Our CMS is a custom web application, this approach allows us to create a product designed around the specific needs or your organization. So instead of providing a generic product for everyone, our CMS is made just for your business. In addition, since we are based in Vancouver, application development can be done face-to-face.     

Is There A Page Limit / Size To The Gravit-e CMS?
No there is no limit to the size and number of pages within the CMS. 

Can The Gravit-e CMS Support Video, Java, Flash, Etc...?
Yes our CMS can support video, java, flash and all ranges of web based applications. 

Does Gravit-e CMS Affect SEO In Any Way?
No, our CMS will not affect SEO negatively.

How Long Does Content Updates Take Before They Appear Live Online?
Our CMS is designed to allow for content to appear instantaneously online. 

Can Gravit-e CMS Support A Mobile Site?
Yes. Our CMS can be customized to allow for more mobile friendly websites. 

How Does E-commerce Work Within The Gravit-e CMS?
Since our CMS is a custom applicaiton, e-commerce can easily be integrated into your website. Not only will we add the standard shopping cart, but we can also build a variety of behind the scenes programs. For example, credit card processing, accounting software, and data entry functions can all be integrated to automate and measure your e-commerce activity.