Gravit-e Products 

Instead of building everything from scratch, we've design range of products to act as the tools we use to build each custom software. This approach allows us focus development efforts on the unique requirements of each custom web application. Our product-based approach allows us to avoid many of the traditional challenges of custom software development, while maintaining flexibility.

Gravit-e Core For Application Development

  • Pre-built modules that act as the foundation for every web application
  • Facilitates quick, affordable application development
  • Lowers costs by reducing development time

Gravit-e Ecommerce: A Custom Ecommerce Web App

  • Flexible custom software development process, designed for easy integration and specialty applications
  • Shopping cart module for consumer transactions
  • Numerous reporting and automation possibilities
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Gravit-e File Cabinet: A Web Application For Storage

  • Structured database for organizing documents online
  • Application designed to facilitate paperless office
  • Flexible security and access model

Gravit-e CMS: A Custom Built CMS

  • User friendly no advanced coding knowledge needed
  • Wide range of possible applications
  • Manage your content the way you'd like to
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